COVID-19 Indoor Visitation Protocol



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Effective on MARCH 22nd, 2021, our facility will reopen to the public, for indoor visitations. We have updated and revised our visitation guidelines, per the states recommendations.


Appointments are not necessary but we are requesting that you call the facility before you come so we can expect your arrival.


Upon arrival you will have your temperature taken and will be asked to fill out the COVID questionnaire survey, as before. We ask that you sanitize your hands before going throughout the facility.  Masks will be mandatory immediately upon arriving at the facility and will need to stay on for your entire stay. No more than three visitors, per resident, will be allowed inside at a time.


We then ask that you proceed directly to the residents room whom you are visiting. Please stay in that residents room for the entire duration of your stay. Please do not gather in any common areas such as the living room or dining room and stay socially distanced from everyone, as much as possible. Visits may not exceed more than 30 minutes.


To summarize this, please see below;


- Upon arrival, the COVID questionnaire must be filled out, temperature will be taken, sanitizer is to be used

- Masks are mandatory for the entire duration of your stay

- Visits will be in bedrooms only

- Visits may not exceed 30 minutes

- No more than three visitors per resident, allowed in the facility at a time

- Appointments are not necessary but please call first to notify staff you are coming

- No gathering in common areas

- Please stay socially distanced as much as possible


If any of these guidelines are not followed during your visit, our staff has the right to end your visit and ask you to leave at any time.

We have not yet decided to allow residents out of the facility for non-medical reasons. We are hoping to revisit this in a few weeks depending on how compliance with indoor visitation goes.



Thank you,     

        Linda DeMar

        King's Daughters Home, Administrator

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